Rule the Islands

Rogash dreams, and his dream is Nusantara...

In a tropical archipelago far from civilization, two sides are locked in a fierce conflict...

Sanghoy are technologicaly primitive but numerous and have mastered the ancient art of Sarcomancy, which allows them to manipulate the flesh of their own and enemies alike and to create monstrous beastmen to fight in their armies.

The other side, the Frenza Empire are a dieselpunk nation with advanced technology and weaponry, bent on using their navy, airforce and mechanized divisions to colonize the islands.

Simple engine, tons of replayability

The game is feature-rich, with single (PvE) and multiplayer (PvP) content. Different maps, factions, heroes, upgrade trees and randomized map object interaction allow for lots of exploration, while rulesets allow for endless replayability. Minigame included!

Two fully assymmetric factions, with large techtrees and multiple heroes + over 10 rulesets, each offering a new way to play the game.

Engage in multiplayer with our friends or other players online. Lobbies, chat and replays included.


During intense 1v1 multiplayer matches, Otok can provide moments of respite and whacky fun!

Hack Away!

With the game's powerful modding tools, players can let their creativity run wild and create completely new and unique experiences within the game. This added level of customization and flexibility makes Nusantara an even more exciting and engaging game for players of all skill levels. Whether playing the game as-is or creating their own custom factions, resources, terrains, effects, scenarios, etc. Nusantara offers endless possibilities for strategic gameplay.

The base game is already coded as a mod - check it out to learn more about modding and actively contribute to balance changes.

Add new factions, resources, units, effects, terrains and much more - the detailed scripting engine lets your imagination run wild.

All the tools you need are free and easy to access, from the built-in Map Editor, Script Debugger, as well as resources and docs on the Check out the scripting language and the modding engine.